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Etilaam is a drug that is manufactured and controlled by Intas Pharmaceuticals, a major pharmaceutical company from India. This medication is used in short-term management of anxiety issues and the short-term treatment of insomnia, a sleep disorder that affects many people.

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About Etilaam

Etilaam tablet can be classified in the same class with benzodiazepine medicines like Valium or Diazepam as they are similar although they have a different composition of the chemicals. Whereas Etilaam has a thiophene ring in its chemical makeup, benzodiazepine drugs have a benzene ring. This is the only difference that exists between the two drugs thus if you buy Etilaam there is a possibility that you are using a benzodiazepine. When it comes to the effects of Etilaam on the body, it is 6-10 times more powerful than diazepam. This is according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Etilaam is marketed under different names depending on the country. This medication is also known as:

●  Etizola
●  Sedekopan
●  Pasaden
●  Zepas
●  Etizest

Etilaam has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as it acts as a sleep aid, muscle relaxer and a medication that works against anxiety. You can buy Etilaam online or get it from a hospital under the prescription of a doctor.

How Etilaam Works

Etilaam carries out its function just like any other medication that is classified under benzodiazepine. This is so because it specifically targets the Neurotransmitter Gamma Amino-Butyric Acid (GABA) that is located in the brain.

GABA is responsible for the exchange of nerve impulses between the nervous system and the brain. Etilaam works on anxiety by slowing down the nerve impulse in the brain through increasing the amount of GABA produced by the brain. GABA increase in the brain tends to reduce the activities performed by nerve cells that are located in the nervous system. This in turn ends up reducing any feeling associated with anxiety and fear by reducing the number of neurons that are in existence. Through these processes, Etilaam is able to manage anxiety issues for quite some time.

Etilaam medication has also been proven to increase the intra-synaptic concentration of norepinephrine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters. This is made possible by blocking the neuronal reuptake required by these transmitters hence leading to the antidepressant capabilities that Etilaam has. Through this process, Etilaam tablets are able to treat anxiety disorders that are combined with depression.

Etilaam tablets are also essential in relaxing the muscles of a patient. This is made possible through the effect that it has on the spinal cord thus easing any pain that may be experienced by cancer patients, people with mild headache and those that are suffering from lumbar disease.


Whether you buy Etilaam online or from a hospital, it is important for you to follow the prescribed dosage of this medication. The dosage of Etilaam is determined by your doctor based on your body weight, medical requirement or the current medications that you are using.

To get all the benefits that come with the use of Etilaam, it is important for you to maintain a fixed schedule that involves taking the medication at a given time of the day.
The recommended dose for Etilaam should not surpass the 3mg mark in a single day. If you are taking Etilaam to treat anxiety issues, the recommended dose is usually 0.25-0.5 mg twice in a day. For patients with panic disorders, 0.5mg Etilaam should be taken twice daily. When it comes to treating cases of insomnia, doctors prescribe a dose of 1-2 mg twice in a day. This should be administered just before you go to bed in the evening.

Regardless of the condition that you are using Etilaam on, the normal dosage is not supposed to exceed 12 weeks. Once you have started the medication, you should strictly follow the dose and an abrupt stop of the prescription is not recommended because it may lead to withdrawal effects. Reducing the dosage of Etilaam in small bits will help you avoid any withdrawal effects linked with an abrupt stop of this medication.

Side Effects of Using Etilaam

The following side effects have been reported by patients that are under the prescription of Etilaam:

●   Effects on the cardiovascular system

These effects may include hypertension, decreased rate of the heart and slow heartbeat.

●  Eye

Etilaam may also affect the eye of a patient by closing the eyelids, blurred vision and movement of the eye without desire.

●  Genitourinary System

This system is also affected leading to a change in libido and retention of urine by the body.

Other side effects by patients that are using Etilaam include amnesia, loss of appetite and respiratory depression.

This is not a full list of all the side effects associated with the use of Etilaam. If you see any of these side effects when using this tablet, you should immediately seek medical attention. This will help you avoid any other health conditions that may develop if not handled early.

Warnings and Precautions

●  Alcohol

Patients that are using Etilaam tablets should stop the use of alcohol until when they have finished taking the dose.

●  Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

The effect that Etilaam has on pregnancy and breast milk is not clearly known. However, a pregnant woman should seek the help of a doctor before they buy Etilaam and start using it. Lactating mothers are also supposed to consult with their doctor about the benefits and negative effects that Etilaam has on breast milk.

●  Driving and operating machinery

The use of Etilaam tablets may result in blurred in vision or make a patient feel light-headed. When under this medication, it is necessary that you avoid driving or operating any machine as you may end up causing unnecessary accidents.

● Medical History

Before you buy Etilaam, consider talking with the doctor about any medical conditions that you may have had before. This will help them know the type of medication to prescribe when you cannot use Etilaam.

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