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Etizest is an effective thienodiazepine drug that works on your brain for a short duration. It works closely to how Etizolam and Etilaam work.

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Forms Of Etizest

Etizest comes in various forms. People have a different preference when it comes to this drug. That is why it has 3 different forms as we will discuss below.

(a) Solutions

You should take Etizest solution orally. You can choose to dissolve it in water and then stir well before taking it.

It is highly concentrated so you should never take an extra dose from what the medic ask you to take.

(b) Pellets

The pellets are hard pills that you should take orally. You should use one glass of water to swallow them.

They last in the bloodstream for a longer period. This will help in highly controlling Etizest effect in your body.

(c) Powder

The powder of Etizest is as effective as the solution and pellets of this drug. You should mix it in water for it to dissolve. Stir patiently so that the concentration can spread evenly.

You will experience a sharp taste when you are taking the solution.


This drug is versatile. It helps in treating the following conditions:

1. Anti-conversant Medication

People who have epilepsy experience seizures. Their electrical activity in the brain usually has an imbalance.

This imbalance triggers seizures that can cause them to be unconscious. When they take Etizest it gets to the brain and disrupts the rate of seizures.

Brain tumor, metabolic disorder like diabetes, infections and head injuries can cause convulsions.

During Etizest medication the patient should avoid getting stressed, observe your health practice and get enough rest. This will enhance Etizest efficiency.

2. Anti-depressant Medication

Depression is a serious condition. It can cause symptoms like agitation, anxiety, loss of sleep, and suicidal thoughts among others.

Etizest helps your brain to relax and come down. This allows you to sleep off and rest.

3. Hypnotic Medication

It helps in treating Insomnia and it can be used in surgical anesthesia.

4. Sedative Medication

This drug lowers the level of excitement or irritation. They make the central nervous system to relax

5. Muscle Relaxant Medication

This drug helps you to eradicate muscle pull and muscle pain by making them to relax.

6. Amnestic Disorder Medication

The amnesic disorder makes you experience the following:

  • Lose your memory.
  • Inability to form new memory.
  • Inability to learn new things.

Etizest helps you to overcome this disorder.

7. Anxiolytic Medication

This drug helps in treating symptoms related to acute anxiety and panic.
1mg of Etizest is the same as 10mg of Diazepam. You should take the right dose to avoid getting serious side effects and complications that relate to its overdose.


The dosage of Etizest is sub-divided. Each dose has a high concentration. Let us discuss the category of these doses.

1. Threshold Dosage

This is the smallest dose of Etizest. It ranges from 0.2 to 0.5 mg. It is for patients who need the minimum effect of Etizest.

This range is applicable when you are using this drug as anti-convulsion.

2. Light Dosage

This dosage is between 0.5 mg to 1 mg. It is a perfect dose for treating insomnia. It helps you to relax and sleep but it does not get you drowsy.

3. Common Doses

The common dose of Etizest is between 1mg to 2mg. This dosage is effective for treating acute anxiety and depression
1mg of this drug is the initial dosage that many clients can take. It can be reduced or increased according to the need of each patient.

4. Strong Dosage

The strong dosage is given to patients who are in extreme condition. These are for example the ones who don’t sleep at all or relax even after taking the other lower doses.

It ranges from 2mg to 5 mg. There are high chances of getting addicted when a patient is taking this dosage.

5. Heavy Dosage

A heavy dose is only given in case of an emergency. For example when there is a need to make a patient come down quickly. It can be given when a patient has a high panic attack as well.

Never give or take this dosage unless the doctor advises so.

Side Effects

It is normal to feel some discomfort when you take any drug. Some of the ones you will experience after taking Etizest include the following:

  1.  bull Dizziness
  2.  bull Breathing difficulty
  3.  bull Amnesia
  4.   bull Erectile dysfunction
  5.  bull Delusions
  6.  bull Loss of personal control
  7.  Emotion suppression
  8.  Addiction
  9.  Drowsiness

Your motor control goes down.

  1.   A headache
  2.   Confusion


There are drinks, food, and drugs that interact with Etizest.

  1.   Avoid taking alcohol when you are under Etizest medication. Alcohol intake can cause drowsiness and your blood pressure level can vary.
  2.  Avoid some drugs that can interact with Etizest. They include Cetirizine, Clozapine, Clonidine, Morphine, Ketoconazole, Cisapride, Disulfiram and Cisapride
  3. Avoid taking grape juice during this medication.
  4. Avoid taking it when you have liver disease and glaucoma.
  5. Avoid taking Etizest when you are expectant and when you are breastfeeding. The component of this drug can harm the baby.
  6. Avoid alcohol consumption when you are taking this drug.
  7. Monitor your blood pressure level closely when you are using Etizest.
  8. You can get amnesia during this medication.
  9. Patients who have liver and kidney problem should avoid using it.


You can experience serious side effects when you take an overdose of Etizest. Ensure that you take the only dose that a medic asks you to.
When you take an overdose you should get to the hospital within the shortest time possible.


Etizest is a diverse and reliable drug. It treats different medical conditions. There are different dosages that patients take depending on the condition they have.

The dosage should never be adjusted unless a medic advises. Avoid taking alcohol when you are under Etizest medication.
This drug is not fit for pregnant and nursing mothers. Its content can harm the fetus or the baby.

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